PORTLAND - If you re a Blazers fan, you ll never forget where you were watching the day Brandon Roy dumped 18- fourth quarter points on the Dallas Mavericks in Game-4 of the NBA playoffs opening round.

The Rose Garden seats 19,980 for basketball. But closer to 100,000 will claim they were there when Roy s 4-point play created ripples along the docks of John s Landing.

Hard to believe it s been exactly one-year since that magical performance. Hard to believe it s the last we saw of Roy at his very best.

The Blazers lost the next two games of that series. The Mavericks went on to win 12-more games that spring along the NBA Championship.

Sadly, a much different turn of events forever altered the Blazers course.

Roy, The oft-injured All-Star guard was forced to retire on December 10, 2011 after realizing his creaky knees could no longer sustain the pounding of an NBA season.

If you miss Roy, (and you d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn t,) click the link to relive one of those special moments from this day in history; April 23, 2011.

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