PORTLAND Disturbing video of a girl getting beat up on a Green Line MAX train has circulated at a Southeast Portland school as police try to track down the people involved.

The 14-year-old girl and her parents talked to KGW and said she was not seriously hurt, but it was very scary. They asked that KGW not reveal her identity, as a safety precaution.

She said the other girls were being rowdy on the train and she felt it in her gut that something bad was going to happen.

They were looking for a fight, the victim told KGW. It seriously felt like five minutes. I can't even comprehend how hard the hits were, it was like, blows to the head.

The video was first posted on YouTube and has since been removed. YouTube left a message that said the video violated its policy prohibiting hate speech. The video shows three unidentified girls beating up a fourth girl on a MAX train. At one point, a girl also spits on the victim.

It seriously felt like five minutes, said the victim. I can't even comprehend how hard the hits were. All three came at me at once.

Other MAX riders could be seen watching the attack, but no one tried to help stop it.

The victim told KGW the attack occurred on December 26 on a Green Line train. She was on her way home from shopping at the Clackamas Town Center and said she did not personally know the attackers.

I'm sitting there and they were all being rowdy to begin with, the victim said.

Someone posted the video online the next day and it soon began circulating at Centennial Middle School in Portland, where the victim is on the student council and very involved in school activities.

Portland police said they know about the case and have spoken to the victim, but she did not want to press charges.

The victim s parents told KGW their daughter was just listening to her iPod, minding her own business when the other girls started hitting her.

TriMet officials said their security cameras capture images of some incidents on trains and buses, but no video was available of this attack, due to technical issues.

Our Command Center was alerted to the incident at the time of the altercation and requested police to respond, TriMet spokesperson Mary Fetsch said Tuesday. By the time they got there, the incident was over. TriMet did not receive a complaint on this and we received the video link last week from KGW. This remains an open police investigation... We take these types of incidents on our system seriously. Fortunately they are infrequent.

Police said they were still working on the case because they want to identify the other people involved.

(KGW reporters Erica Heartquist and Mike Benner contributed to this report.)

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