PORTLAND -- Some residents who live near Portland's popular Peacock Lane said the thousands of people who visit the annual light show are making their holidays frustrating and chaotic.

The homes along Peacock Lane in Southeast Portland light up for the holidays and people come from all over to walk or drive by.

The tradition has been in place since the 1920s. Each house on the street is decked out for Christmas. The mostly Tudor-style homes are adorned with beautiful sparkling lights, nativity scenes, rotating Christmas trees and life-sized replicas of Santa and Frosty.

Traffic along the street is controlled, and a sign and Web site explain the rules.

But for other people who live nearby, there are no signs or rules on how to act on their streets, and the crowds of people have dimmed their holiday cheer.

For us, we live here so it's just about two weeks of chaos, said Deborah Giles, who lives a few blocks away from Peacock Lane. It's become increasingly more noisy and it's been more trashed and lots of incidents where people get mad, get out of the cars lots of cursing.

There are certain things you can count on. You can count on traffic. I can count on people parking on the driveway. I can count on urinating across the street. Those are a given for every year, neighbor Cheri Klimpel said.

She added that the parking problems seem to be getting worse every year, including cars leaving dings on her bumper. This year, she put cones on her driveway.

If we are in the driveway, typically we can't get out and people are not very friendly about being asked not to park in the driveway, she said.

While Klimpel and Giles said they both embrace the tradition that is Peacock Lane, they hope to see some change in attitude with some of the people who visit.

They said it would also be very helpful if traffic could be altered to be one-way only.

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