PORTLAND -- Fire crews were called to help contain a spill at a Portland plant, where a kettle holding more than 200 tons of molten glass had split at the bottom.

Just after 9 p.m. crews were called to a commercial fire the Owens Illinois glass container manufacturing plant, at 9710 NE Glass Plant Road, according to Paul Corah with Portland Fire and Rescue.

A kettle used to melt recycled amber bottles had split and was oozing molten glass into the containment area below, Corah said.

Firefighters began spraying water to cool the kettle and the areas around it. Just before 10 p.m. a second alarm was called in to surround the first and second levels of the plant, protecting the surrounding structure and nearby machinery.

Corah said crews remained on the scene for hours to ensure the glass cooled down slowly.

That glass starts out molten and ends up being a big solid glass, he said. It looks like a big rock.

The were no damage estimates available and no injuries were reported.

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