OREGONCITY -- An arrest has been made in the murder of a 34-year-old man killed Tuesday night in Damascus.

Marcos Andres Pico, 29, was accused one count of murder in what police called a targeted attack.

Jonathan David Waldorf was found dead outside a home in the 16300 block of SE Widgeon Court in the Damascus area, in a subdivision near Widgeon and Orchard View Lane.

Pico is married to Waldorf's former wife Stevanie Pico, according to court records, and there was a custody dispute over children between Waldorf and Stevanie Pico.

Family member Rick Bohlman told KGW she wanted to leave with the kids out of the state of Oregon and we got a lawyer yesterday to stop that, and then last night, he was dead.

Waldorf died of incise wounds to his neck, according to police.

Neighbors said they heard screams for help from a 13-year-old girl who lived at the home.

Jeff Bateman lives two doors down.

I came out and saw the young gal screaming for help - someone had just attacked him, Bateman said.

Bateman called 9-1-1 and, along with other neighbors, tried to help Waldorf.

He was fading in and out of consciousness, we were trying to keep him with us until help got here, Bateman said. He was still with us. He asked for help... and I did the best I could to try to help this person.

Despite their efforts, Bateman said the man had died before police arrived.

I could tell. There was a moment. It was very hard, he said.

Neighbors told KGW Waldorf lived in the home with his girlfriend and seven children, some from other marriages.

RickBohlman, the father of the victim's girlfriend, said everyone was hurting, and his thoughts were with the grandchildren.

When I see the little kids, that's when I break, knowing that they will have to go all the rest of their life without a daddy like I did. There's nothing worse than that, Bohlman said.

Several school-aged children live in the neighborhood, and saw the crime scene. Grief counselors were called in to help at their school.

Anyone with information that may help investigators on the case was asked to call Clackamas County deputies.

KGWReporter TimGordon contributed to this report

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