SALEM, Ore. -- An Oregon inmate serving 30 years to life in prison will not get out early because of a new ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Kevin Roper was 19 years old when he murdered 20-year-old Eddie Gibbs in 1987 at a Southeast Portland drive-in theater.

A parole board deferred his parole hearing for two years.

Until this year, inmates like Roper who have been convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years to life before 1995 could not have a parole hearing until that 30-year mark.

But the Oregon State Supreme Court has ruled that inmates deemed likely for rehabilitation could have their cases reviewed between their 20 and 30 year mark in prison. There are 30 inmates eligible under these new rules.

Roper apologized before the parole board Tuesday, saying he was a selfish kid when he killed Gibbs.

KGW Reporter Colette Weiland contributed to this report.

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