PORTLAND -- A woman was brought back to life Saturday morning after an overdose in the Occupy Portland camp, Mayor Sam Adams said.

Just after 8:30 a.m., medical crews responded to the camp to provide medical assistance for a non-responsive woman.

Although fire and emergency officials would not confirm the exact circumstances, Adams called it an overdose.

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Minutes ago, another drug overdosed woman brought back to life this morning at Occupy Portland camp, he Tweeted just after 9 a.m.

The city and Occupy members have both agreed a growing level of violence and drug use have co-opted the group's original aims. By Friday, there had already been three near-fatal drug overdoses in which medics were able to revive the victims.

Adams announced Thursday that campers had until 12:01 Sunday morning to leave Chapman and Lownsdale Square parks.

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Portland police were preparing for a possible clash with demonstrators Saturday as the deadline loomed for the Occupy Portland movement to clear out of the two parks.

Demonstration organizers pleaded for peace and said anyone who acts violently does not represent the movement. But police said they had information indicating an extremist element could be planning a confrontation. Officers seized pieces of cement and plywood on Friday, saying they were told some demonstrators had plans to use the cement as a weapon. A demonstrator denied the claim.

Live stream fromOccupy Portland

After more than a month of camping, some demonstrators began cleaning up and packing in Friday, vowing to continue their movement elsewhere.

Organizers planned marches to converge on the encampment followed by a potluck, and they hoped the public would attend.

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