PORTLAND -- The protesters information desk released a statement Friday saying the demonstration in the Pearl would not be canceled.

Occupy Portland stands in Solidarity with the 99% who were victim to police brutality in Oakland, Atlanta, and all other raided cities, the statement read.

Police in Oakland earlier this week had to fire tear gas and make arrests to clear a city park by protesters.

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City Commissioner Randy Leonard added his voice Friday to warn Occupy Portland protesters that moving to another park would not be tolerated.

Know who your friends are ... We -the entire city council- are your present, Leonard wrote in a reply to a supporter's email.

In it, Matthew Klug warned the city to not break up a planned encampment Saturday after the group marches to Jamison Square in NW Portland.

This is idiotic policy, Klug wrote. The A.L.C.U. (sic) has reserved seats on airplanes to fly Lawyers to Portland, in the case that all Hell breaks loose.

Leonard responded he supported the protest, but not an expansion.

I am now left wondering if the planned march to and occupation of Jamison Square in NW Portland is an attempt to provoke a confrontation with the entire city council, Leonard wrote.

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I do not understand how the goals of the Occupy Portland movement are furthered by expanding its encampment to a neighborhood park. You have suggested in your subject line that you are open to giving us some advice. Thank you. I also have some advice for you: Know who your friends are.

Occupy Portland would not be allowed overnight in any park other than Lownsdale and Chapman Square,where they already have encampments, MayorSam Adams said Thursday.

We will not allow Occupy Portland to set up an alternative encampment at any other city park, the statement read. We will continue to monitor the Occupy Portland protest, and make practical, day-to-day decisions like these as warranted. I want to thank the participants for their ongoing cooperation with city officials and staff, as we strive to balance their right to protest with keeping the city working.

Adams left Commissioner Amanda Fritz in charge of the issue in his absence and she also said park rules would be enforced.

We are enforcing all park rules in all of the parks. So I believe that park is supposed to close at midnight and that will be enforced, said Commissioner Fritz.

Background: 'Occupy Portland' protesters march downtown

According to a posting on the Occupy Portland website, activists will march to the Oregon Convention Center and then back across the Broadway Bridge to the Pearl District.

Pearl residents had mixed feelings about activists settling in at Jamison Park, which is one of the few spots in the neighborhood with grass.

As long as it's peaceful, that's fine, said Rachel Martin who works in the Pearl District. And as long as they're still welcoming to people walking their dogs.

It might disrupt my dog more than me, said Pearl resident Liz Marotte. I'm in support of Americans showing their opinions on aspects that they believe in.

Marotte said while she supports the movement coming to the Pearl District, her neighbors might not.

I think a lot of Pearl District people might be up-in-arms about that because it's a little hoity-toity around here, Marotte said with a smile. I think when you keep it in just a business district, it doesn't get the full point across. So coming to a neighborhood like this, I think it makes a higher impact.

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Several people told KGW they did not want the occupiers to come to the Pearl, but they would not go on camera.

The Pearl District Business Association had a meeting early Wednesday to let business owners know that occupiers were headed there.

Yes, we are expecting them, said Jared Cassel, assistant to the owner at POSHbaby, right across from Jamison Square.

Cassel said they welcome the movement.

We believe that everybody should be able to practice free speech and we support them and their peaceful efforts, he added, People are people and we have to remember that.

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