VANCOUVER -- The aging Interstate Bridge was used to symbolize the connection between working class people in Portland and Vancouver as protesters marched over the Columbia River Saturday.

Many union workers joined about 100 Occupy Portland members on a interstate march from Jantzen Beach to Esther Short Park in Vancouver.

We're connected to Vancouver geographically and have all the same common issues and want to bring together those issues, said Greg Margolis with Jobs for Justice.

Portland resident Erin Madden marched side by side with her father Tom hoping to send a message to Washington Senator Patty Murray, who is part of a congressional super committee tasked with cutting government spending.

We believe Medicare is critical and the cuts should be made to corporate loopholes, not to safety net programs, Madden said.

Members of Occupy Vancouver welcomed the marchers as they crossed the bridge. Cars and trucks honked their horns as the group spanned the bridge from Oregon to Washington.

It's going to take masses of people speaking out to make the changes we want so the 99% can get the jobs and support from congress we deserve, Margolis said.

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