HILLSBORO -- TriMet said Friday a bus driver would be be disciplined after a mother said she was asked to get off a bus in Hillsboro because her baby was crying last month.

Witnesses said the bus driver forced the woman to get off the bus with her baby on Sept. 29 because she said the child's crying was too loud and distracting.

This was truly an unfortunate incident for the mother and child, as well as for all of the riders on board, TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane said. The actions of this operator are not representative of the overwhelming majority of our operators who do an excellent job every day.

The driver's name was not released, but she has been with TriMet for 10 years. Several people riding the bus at the time filed official complaints against the driver.

Jennifer Chapman told KGW she was riding the bus through Hillsboro when the driver came on the loudspeaker system and said, You need to quiet the baby down. Give him some keys or something. I can t drive with that noise.

When there are problems with people who could be considered vulnerable, bus drivers are supposed to contact their supervisors who can come out to assist, according to TriMet.

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