PORTLAND - Get those reusable grocery bags out and ready to go, as Portland's city-wide plastic bag ban goes into effect this Saturday.

The ban applies to those thin plastic bags we're used to seeing at the check-out stands at larger grocery stores and at shops like Target, Walmart or Walgreens.

Under the ban, shoppers will still be able to get paper bags at no additional cost.

And many stores are offering shoppers alternatives. For example at Safeway stores customers will also be able to purchase much thicker reusable plastic bags for ten cents.

Ultimately, the goal with the City of Portland, Safeway and other retailers is to move our customers to reusable bags and we're still going to provide the opportunity to our customers to utilize reusable cloth and reusable plastic, said Dan Floyd, spokesperson for Safeway.

The City of Portland is running radio ads reminding consumers to bring their own bags when they go shopping.

The ban begins October 15th and applies only to stores within the city of Portland.

Stores that don't comply with the ban face a maximum penalty of $500.

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