PORTLAND - The Sellwood bridge project has a $20 million funding shortfall and the county is looking for suggestions on how to close the gap.

MultnomahCounty will either cut back on things like lighting, benches and pedestrian features or reduce the size of the west side on-ramp which will connect to busy Macadam Ave.

Your chance to comment on the project's website ends this Sunday.

Replacing Portland's most decrepit bridge has been a challenge since the project was first announced in 2006.

Stori Mooser and his wife listed their condo near the bridge for sale a few days before the project was announced. It never sold.

We felt we could ride it out, until my wife was diagnosed with cancer in June, said Mooser.

Now they can't sell because it's worth a fraction of what it was. The two condos next to theirs will be demolished.

The county is in the process of purchasing six nearby condos and those owners are the lucky ones. Other condo owners will soon endure nearly four years of construction.

Other Sellwood residents feel bad for affected homeowners, but are anxious for the project to get started.

It will be a tough place to live, said resident Curtis Gazin. However, the rest of the folks in this community need a bridge that's safe, this one is not.

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