PORTLAND, Ore. -- Drivers crossing the Interstate bridge across the Columbia River between Portland and Vancouver may be required to pay a toll as soon as 2014.

The money would help fund a new bridge across the river, according toPatricia McCaig,spokesperson with the Columbia River Crossing project, which is managing the planning of a new Interstate bridge.

McCaig cautioned the so called pre-tolls are not certain, since they need to be approved by the board overseeing the project.

But she noted, they are in a new report by State Treasurer Ted Wheeler which looks at revenue projections for the CRC.

The newer projections expect less traffic than earlier estimates. It also rejected an idea to increase tolls each year once the new bridge is built.

Together, the new projections cut expected money made for the new bridge by as much as $598-million.

Early tolling would bring in an estimated $200 million. Loans from a federal fund might make up the rest, McCaig said.

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