PORTLAND People breaking the law by using their cell phones while driving may have found themselves the target of a police sting Wednesday evening.

Police conducted an enforcement mission at the intersection of SW Barbur Boulevard, SW Taylors Ferry Road and SW 41st Avenue between 6 and 7 p.m.

Police stopped dozens of drivers, issuing 21 cell phone citations and eight warnings.

Portland police have already issued approximately 5,700 citations for distracted driving and they warned more drivers will be cited during the sting - at a cost of $142 per ticket.

The intersection is a high-crash location, which generates complaints of drivers disobeying No Turn on Red rules and riding in bike lanes to maneuver around stopped cars, said. Dan Anderson with the Portland Bureau of Transportation.

Police added that it's not only illegal to talk on a phone or text while driving, but it's also illegal to use maps or direction apps on your phone.

Six officers took part in Wednesday's mission and this won t be the last cell phone sting, either. More will be conducted in the future, in conjunction with police and the transportation bureau s ongoing StreetSmart campaign.

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