PORTLAND -- A judge ordered accused Yashanee Vaughn killer Parrish Bennette Jr., to remain behind bars with no bail as a hearing concluded Thursday.

Bennette has been accused of murder and manslaughter in the death of his 14-year-old girlfriend, Yashanee Vaughn. Her body has not been found and she was last seen on March 19.

During the bail hearing, prosecutors said that blood evidence showed that there was a violent beating and then Vaughn was shot and killed. The prosecutor also said that Bennette fired two rounds and two shots is not an accident.

During testimony, slides were shown in the courtroom as Bennette watched. But he turned away as photos of blood evidence collected from his bedroom were shown.

Defense attorneys argued that the state's case against Bennette was flawed because there was no clear motive and the so-called blood evidence was untested.

The defense described the shooting as accidental and said, You've got a 16-year-old kid who panicked.

Background:Detective describes 'blood evidence'

During the first week of the bail hearing, prosecutors showed DNA evidence they said placed Bennette at the murder scene.

Also, detective MarkSlater testified that Bennette told friends he served with a gun and added, Don t let anybody find you with this gun, before a spent shell casing was taken out and thrown out of the moving vehicle.

Murder victim's family outraged during hearing

Yashanee's family turned out in force at the bail hearing. The crowd applauded in the courtroom and several people yelled, Yes, when the judge denied Bennette's bail.

Soon after the ruling, Vaughn's mother Shaquita Louis held an impromptu press conference, surrounded by friends and family, to express her relief that he will remain in jail.

Maybe he will say where's she's at now, Louis said of Bennette, since now he knows this is not a game.

She also talked about how hard it's been for the family that Vaughn's body has still not been found.

Raw video: Vaughn's mother speaks after bail hearing

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