PORTLAND, Ore. -- The mother of a 25-year-old man shot to death during a police standoff in Northeast Portland is suing police and the city.

I suffered extreme upset and stress the day two of my four children died, Marva Davis wrote in an affadvit. Which was compounded by the actions of the Portland police after my son was shot. The stress was so severe that I was taken to the Adventist Emergency room for heart palpations.

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In January of 2010, Campbell threatened to kill himself after learning his younger brother had died from a heart condition in the hospital that day.

Campbell came out of his apartment with his hands behind his head but was shot by a police sniper.

The officers told me that my son had committed suicide, David said. As the officers were about to leave, my sister, LaJeana Campbell, returned from the scene to the house. Shortly thereafter, the officers left, and my sister told me that the police had killed my son.

In a lawsuit filed by attorneys James McCandlish and Tom Steenson last November, Campbell's alleged that the Portland Police Bureau has created an under-trained, undisciplined culture that created the circumstances in which Campbell was shot.

Davis in the new affadavit accuses officers of harassing her relatives in the months following the shooting.

Ronald Frashour, Ryan Lewton, Liani Reyna, John Birkinbine and the City of Portland were named as defendants in the suit.

Officer Frashour was cleared in the shooting, but later fired.

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