PORTLAND -- Reed College and the University of Redwood share some remarkable similarities.

Both Reed and Redwood turn 100 this year and while Simeon and Amanda Reed founded Reed College, Simeon and Amanda Redwood founded the university of Redwood.

What are the chances?

Turns out everything on the University of Redwood's website was copied directly from Reed College's website.

The pictures of buildings and students are the same and so are faculty members. You can even find Reed College apartments on the University of Redwood website.

However, we checked the address of the University of Redwood in Torrence California and discovered it was actually a mail drop business.

Officials at Reed College said that businesses were forwarding Redwood's mail to an address in China.

It became obvious to us that Reed was not the target of this scam, but potential students in China could be scammed and we felt a responsibility to take the site down, said Kevin Myers of Reed College.

Lawyers for Reed sent a cease and desist order to, the Arizona company that hosts the University of Redwood website.

Records show the site was created in June of last year. It wasn't discovered by Reed College officials until October.

We sent that cease and desist and they took it down, we thought that meant forever, but it meant for 10 days, said Myers.

A few pictures and faculty names were scrubbed from the site, but everything else remains.

Reed officials fear the site is being used by a con artist in China to get application fees from students who want to study in the United States.

We suspect that there's somebody in China pretending to be director of admissions for the University of Redwood, said Myers.

Reed college has it's legal team working to shut down the site for good, but as of Sunday night it was still up and running.

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