GOVERNMENT CAMP, Ore. -- Dramatic 911 calls released Tuesday reveal an inside and sometimes tense look at the hours leading up to an aerial rescue on Mt. Hood.

Brantley Acree, 27, is an experienced snowboarder. Under pressure, we heard him call 9-1-1 as a cool, calm, and collected professional.

But after just a few hours, he became concerned whether search and rescue crews were ever going to find him.

I can't quite figure out how to get out of here. Do you think somebody will come out here and find me? said Acree to a dispatcher.

Acree planned to hike to Hogsback and snowboard down to Timberline, but he got caught in whiteout conditions and called 911 for help.

He spoke to Clackamas Co. Deputy Scott Meyers.

He was getting scared and he was cold. He thought we were going to leave him and we weren't going to find him, said Dep. Meyers.

As the 9-1-1 calls went on, Acree got more worried.

I'm okay but I can't figure my way out of here and it's about to get dark.

Then Deputy Meyers didn't hear from him for three hours.

I was worried about you, said Meyers through a 9-1-1 call. I haven't heard from you for a while. I think I dozed off for a minute, said Acree.

When daylight hit, he got a break.

Hey man, Acree told the deputy. I think I hear a helicopter.

It was Sky 8 flying overhead.

Minutes later, Oregon Army National Guard members grabbed Acree and lifted him to safety.

Deputy Meyers saw the whole thing on television.

Loved it, loved it, I was watching with my youngest boy, you guys were showing the tracks, and I thought there he is. It was awesome.

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