PORTLAND Oregon s attorney General announced Thursday that telemarketer Community Support, Inc., is no longer allowed to solicit donations in Oregon.

The agreement comes on the heels of a May, 2010, lawsuit alleging Community Support had violated numerous provisions under Oregon consumer protection law.

Telemarketers that break the law are not welcome in Oregon, Attorney General John Kroger said.

Community Support employed an illegal and aggressive scheme to solicit donations in the name of several client organizations and failed to disclose its professional fundraising status to donors, said Tony Green, with the Oregon Department of Justice. He said the company kept 80 percent of the money it raised on behalf charitable organizations.

Organizations linked to Community Support include the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, United States Navy Veterans Association, Firefighters Support Foundation, Woman to Woman Breast Cancer Foundation and Cancer Center for Detection and Prevention.

Kroger will ask the 2011 Oregon Legislature eliminate tax deductions for donations to charities that spend less than 30 percent of the money they raise on the people they claim to support, Green said.

The agreement filed Thursday permanently bans Community Support from soliciting donations in Oregon and requires that the company pay $20,000 to the Department of Justice.

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