AUMSVILLE -- Juanita Nichol has been running Nichol's Plumbing for 50 years in the same building, one annihilated Tuesday afternoon by a tornado.

When the twister hit, townspeople were sick, convinced she had been in the building.

Juanita, as everyone calls her, was an all-day fixture in the front window of the business she started with her late husband. People would wave at her as they drove by.

Juanita is loved. She is described by all as the town's grandmother. A few weeks ago, she was the grand marshal in the town's Corn Fest parade.

When the tornado hit, everyone's mind was on her well being.

Survive, she did. Turns out she had left the building about 20 minutes before the tornado hit about 11:45. Her car needed repair work.

KGW found her Tuesday afternoon several blocks down the street at the Pizza Peddler.

I never dreamt that it would be completely gone, she said. My husband and I built that building in 1962. We started our business in 1959.

And to think how God in his perfect time took me out of there and I wasn't part of that, she said. And my spiritual life is a real strong life. And I know that God's timing was perfect and he took care of me.

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