PORTLAND, Ore - Leaders from the local Muslim community spoke out Saturday against the Pioneer Square bomb plot. They said they want the city of Portland and the world to know they stand for peace, not violence.

We condemn the alleged actions that were thwarted last night, said Mikal H. Shabazz of the Muslim Community Center of Portland

Muslim leaders called Mohamud an outlier, someone they'd never heard of within their tight-knit community. Investigators say Mohamud, who called himself a Muslim, acted alone.

He's not alone, but that is the exact type of mentality that we are trying to stand against, Christian, Muslim, Jew, and reasonable people, globally, said Shahriar Ahmed of the Bilal Mosque of Beaverton.

Mikal Shabazz and Shahriar Ahmed, who represent the Council of Arab and Muslim leaders of Oregon and Southwest Washington, praised federal authorities for stopping the alleged bomb plot.

They also expressed gratitude for Portland police, who've increased patrols around local mosques in the wake of Friday s attempted attack.

We have been receiving emails on the web saying we're terrorists and we should be taken care of and so on and so forth, said Shahriar Ahmed of the Bilal Mosque of Beaverton.

Ahmed said he took what happened Friday night personally, not only as a Muslim but also as a father. His own daughter was among the thousands at Pioneer Courthouse Square for the tree lighting.

God forbid this would have happened. She would have been dead, said Ahmed.

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