PORTLAND -- With Monday marking four months since seven-year-old Kyron Horman disappeared from school, searchers returned to Sauvie Island for a second straight day Sunday, hoping to find a clue to the question of what happened to the boy.

While the search was going on, Kyron s father Kaine, had a message for the public anxious for resolution through an arrest: Please be patient. He also wanted to clear up a misunderstanding about a plea made Friday by Kyron's mother, Desiree Young.

I know it sounds weird coming from his father, he said, but this is something that can t be rushed.

Kaine waited for his daughter Kiara to take a nap and then took some time out from his Sunday to talk over the phone with KGW.

I know people want an arrest. I know they want this thing to move along but what people need to remember is that the minute there is an arrest, the minute there are charges, the clock starts ticking and no one can afford to make a mistake.

If we re not ready, if there are holes, that would be tragic. We can t afford to let whoever was responsibleget away with it.

We have to be patient.

Kaine said he continues to be briefed regularly on the status of the investigation and is satisfied with the way things are going. He was glad to see searchers out on Sauvie Island again this weekend.

They are working very hard on checking everything out, ruling out everything possible and making sure nothing is missed.

Asked about the emotional press conference that his ex-wife, Desiree, held at the Wall of Hope on Friday, Kaine said I understand her raw emotion. It shows how deeply felt this is for all of us. I don t necessarily feel or believe the exact same things but I absolutely understand it. It s been four months. He s still not home. We still don t know where he is. We want him to come home. We want to know where he is.

Kaine did say that Desiree s press conference did do one thing that was unintended cause confusion.

Her plea for more money for the reward fund has triggered an increase in donations to the search and rescue fund. The problem is that there isn t currently a mechanism for money from the search and rescue fund to be transferred over to the reward.

So, Kaine said, in the meantime, people can continue to give to the search and rescue fund or wait until there is a way to donate to the reward.

The key, he said, in all regards is patience.

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