PORTLAND, Ore. -- A bank robbery suspect dubbed the Where's Waldo bandit appears to be taunting investigators - on Facebook.

A bank surveillance photo gave police a good look at the man who robbed a Tualatin bank Tuesday. But little did they expect that, hours later, that same surveillance photo would be posted, apparently by the suspect in the case, on his Facebook page.

Ryan Homsley, 29, or someone purporting to be him, takes responsibility for the hold-up, declaring on Facebook: I'm now a bank robber.

It's unclear how Homsley has access to a computer but his Facebook account has been active. There have been several posts since Tuesday's bank robbery, including photos and comments about the heist.

The Facebook posts continued to taunt investigators, including a claim that I'm doing this to pay for my medical expenses. Another recent post on Homsley's Facebook hints that he's headed to Seattle.

Agents dubbed Homsley him the Where's Waldo bandit because of his likeness to the character in children's books. On Thursday, Homsely s brother Noah, a radio personality at KUFO, encouraged his brother to surrender.

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