PORTLAND,Ore. -- The city of Portland is getting ready to roll out nearly 200 public recycling bins.

Currently, there are no permanent recycling bins along the streets of Portland. It s something that soda drinkers like Aubrey Baldwin find frustrating, not knowing what to do with an empty soda can.

I ll either take it home or I might leave it on a trash can hoping someone will pick it up and trade in in for money, said Baldwin.

But plans are under way to change that. Next week the city of Portland will get its first prototype of a brand new public recycling bin.

The recycling bins will look similar to the round metal trash cans that currently line the streets of downtown. As part of the pilot program, the city will put a recycling bin next to all 175 of the existing trash cans along the 5th and 6th Avenue transit mall.

The bins will have three separate collection drops. One for aluminum cans and plastic bottles, one for glass bottles, and a third for newspaper and magazines.

About one-third of what's in public trash cans is able to by recycled, said Bruce Walker, solid waste and recycling manager for the city.

The program will cost the city about $285 thousand a year. The cost will be covered by an increase in commercial garbage collection.

So any business that has their trash taken away... for every ton they're paying a dollar more, said Walker.

But don t think about recycling your coffee cups in the public bins. They don t allow them. Their lining makes them too difficult to recycle.

The bins should hit the streets of Portland by the end of the year.

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