TUALATIN, Ore. -- The brother of the bank robbery suspect dubbed the 'Where's Waldo bandit' by the FBI pleaded for him to surrender Thursday.

The Portland radio DJ known as Pork Chop on KUFO said he has been very worried since learning his brother, Ryan Homsley, was the suspect in a bank holdup involving a bomb threat near Bridgeport Village Tuesday.

Tualatin detectives said Homsley walked over to a table carrying a small box. The man demanded cash, then threatened that he had an explosive device and walked out. No other customers were in the bank at the time, said police, who later determined the box contained no explosives.

Around 6 p.m.Wednesday, on Homsley's Facebook page was an update stating im now a bank robber (sic) along with a link posted to the story.

No stores in Bridgeport Village were evacuated, however, some stores and businesses across the street were while police investigated.

Noah Homsley, aka Pork Chop, said his brother has a serious drug problem and is out of control. He said his brother is also a severe diabetic. Now he is also wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and has a bag full of cash.

It is a little weird and unnerving. There's a part of me that I want to bring my life to the [radio] show, but because I have been burned by him, [Ryan] it's a little easier for me to talk about.

The suspect was described as being a white man, 5'8 , average build. He has thick, short dark hair and heavy black framed prescription glasses. He was wearing a loose sweater with alternating cream and brown stripes. Ryan's latest Facebook posting said he was headed to Seattle.

There were evacuations of nearby businesses and road closures for several hours after the bank robbery.

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