Jeff Kearin has worked with the best in college and led one of California's most closely watched prep teams before taking the McMinnville High job last spring.

The coach mired in an injury controversy was himself a high school quarterback from San Diego. His coaching career includes time as an assistant with former Coach John Robinson at both USC and UNLV.

Kearin had the top job at Loyola High in Los Angeles for five years, one of California's perennial powers. The school is a feeder for Division 1 programs and its quarterback this year is the son of UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel.

He left Loyola abruptly, according to the Los Angeles Times.

He told the McMinnville News-Register last spring that he left for personal reasons that included the death of both of his parents and a brother in a short time span. And then, his wife's mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

In coming to McMinnville, Kearin had the support of both Oregon State Coach Mike Riley and former Linfield Coach Ad Rutschman, the paper reported. He and Riley are longtime friends and the Beavers coach sold him on the beauty of Oregon, the Willamette Valley lifestyle and the football tradition at Mac High.

According to Adam Guerra who coached under Kearin and replaced him as interim coach, Kearin ran his Football Immersion program each of the five years he coached at Loyola, without incident.

Guerra says every top high school program in California conducts the same type of program. It s two-a-day practice with team overnight bonding in between.

Guerra said while at Loyola, Kearin had more a laid back style of coaching. He was a player s coach . He operated with a college coach mentality .

According to Guerra, Kearin was well aware of the risks of overtraining. He was always conscious of using up a player during practice and having nothing left for the start of the season.

Because of its perennial success, Loyola was always watched closely by the media and top college scouts. Guerra said because of that scrutiny, Kearin closely adhered to all league rules and guidelines.

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