PORTLAND --Volunteers Sunday helped move Kyron Horman's Wall of Hope memorial at Skyline School to a fire station just down the road.

The Wall was moved in three large sections, intact, with tributes still attached to the chain-link fencing.

The Wall was to be kept at a Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue station for several days until a more permanent arrangement could be made, according to fire fighters.

Kaine Horman and Desiree Young were both there Sunday morning and welcomed help with the move.

Parents and school officials were concerned about the memorial being up when the school year starts, especially its emotional impact on students.

Kyron was last seen at the school on June 4. No suspects have been named in his diappearance.

Meanwhile, Portland Public Schools spokesman Matt Shelby said Saturday that security cameras will be in place at Skyline School before classes begin Sept. 7.

Kyron s memory and the need to remind people that he is still missing remains important, according to the family, but so is the need to do everything possible to make the start of school as normal for the students going there.

There is also a concern that an ongoing presence of strangers coming to the wall might also fuel safety fears in students.

The wall has served as a backdrop for national media reporting on the case. Letter left at the wall have been picked up by Kaine Horman and taken home to Kyron's bedroom.

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