PORTLAND Police were circulating a new flier as part of the investigation into the disappearance of Kyron Horman and this time it has photos of his step-mom s close friend, DeDe Spicher.

The police flier shows three photos of Spicher and asks, Did you see DeDe Spicher anywhere in the area on June 4, 2010?

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It also contains more photos of Kyron s step-mother, Terri Moulton Horman and her white truck, as well as questions about both.

The fliers were handed out to people who live near Skyline Elementary School, where Kyron was last seen on June 4.

A previous police flier featured Terri, but this was the first time investigators have zeroed in on Spicher in this way.

Sources within the community, including people who have spoken with investigators, have told KGW that Spicher was gardening at a home near Skyline Elementary School when Kyron vanished. The sources also said that Spicher left the area where she was gardening at 10 a.m. and was unaccounted for until 1 p.m., despite efforts to reach her by cell phone.

In addition, on Monday KGW learned that at least two people told police that they saw a second person with Terri in her truck on the day she took him to school and he vanished.

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Police have not identified who they believe that second person was, but they did schedule a press conference to discuss the latest developments for Wednesday at 11 a.m. KGW-TV and will carry the press conference live. - Bookmark this link to watch live press conference

Meanwhile, the grand jury continues to subpoena people to testify about Kyron's disappearance. Sources told KGW that the investigation has been especially difficult because Terri told different people different things, which has created some confusion.

For instance, the sources said that while Terri told some friends that her now-estranged husband, Kaine forced her teen son, James to move out of their house, the opposite was actually true. The sources told KGW that back in March, it was Terri who sent her son to live with her parents, not Kaine. They said the decision was made, in part, so Terri's son could be closer to his father.

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