PORTLAND The mother of missing seven-year-old Kyron Horman continues to hold out hope that her son is alive and believes he was stashed somewhere by his step-mother, according to a report in PEOPLE.

Kyron has been missing since June 4 when he was last seen during the science fair at Skyline Elementary School in Northwest Portland.

I believe that he s stashed, Desiree Young told PEOPLE on Tuesday. I believe it's the investigation that's going to lead us [to him].

During a press conference Tuesday, Desiree spoke directly to Kyron, hoping that he somehow might be watching the coverage televised on live TV and online.

We love you Kyron. Never give up hope. We are all coming to get you and bring you home, Desiree said, looking straight into the camera, her voice shaking with emotion.

Video:Watch Desiree's emotional message to Kyron

Kyron s father, Kaine Horman, was also interviewed by PEOPLE and said also believes that Kyron is alive and he will be brought home safely.

Someone is going to spot him. We're going to get him, Horman told PEOPLE. Kaine added that he was frustrated it s taking so long.

Young and Horman remain steadfast in their belief that Kaine s estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horman, knows where Kyron is and arranged his disappearance.

I think, based on what Desiree and I know about [Terri], I think it's a plan. And I think she's still executing a plan, Horman said.

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