PORTLAND The attorney for Kaine Horman filed a motion in court Monday to force Terri Moulton Horman to disclose where she was getting money to pay her lawyer fees.

KGW obtained a copy of the affidavit Monday which showed that Terri had paid her attorney, Stephen Houze, $350,000.

Kaine Horman wants to know where that money came from. Specifically, Kaine wants to know if the money Terri used was considered part of the couple's joint assets. If so, he wants access to that money to help pay his own legal fees.

The affidavit explained, If it is Respondent's position that her attorney fees are a marital liability, then Respondent [Terri Horman] should be required to immediately provide one-half of these funds to Petitioner [Kaine Horman] to pay his attorney fees and costs.

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A reliable source told KGW that investigators learned of the $350,000 through a text message that Terri had sent to Mike Cook. Detectives were searching through Cook's messages as part of the investigation after they learned that he had a sexual relationship with Terri during the search for Kyron. A court motion stated that police said Terri sexted Cook hundreds of times and also sent him several photographs of herself in various stages of undress and graphic sexual activity.

As for the latest motion, Kaine's attorney, Laura Rackner filed the legal document, called an Order to Show Cause Monday morning in court.

Once the filing process was complete, then the court will set a date for hearing on this latest matter.

Kaine filed for divorce from Terri after police told him that she had tried to hire a man to kill him months earlier.

Kaine's seven-year-old son disappeared on June 4 and Terri was the last person to see him at Skyline Elementary School before he vanished. Since then, Terri has been a focus of the investigation but has not been named by police as a suspect or person of interest. However, Kaine has said police gave him probable cause to believe that Terri was involved in Kyron's disappearance.

In late June, Kaine filed a restraining order against Terri. He later filed to have Terri found in contempt of court because she allegedly violated the privacy terms of the restraining order. In addition, he filed a motion to force Terri to move out of their home in Northwest Portland and she has since done that.

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