ENTERPRISE, Ore. (AP) -- The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is using part of a federal grant to pay for a special range rider to monitor cattle grazing in northeastern Oregon's Wallowa County and haze away any nearby wolves.

Agency spokeswoman Michelle Dennehy says a local rancher hired the range rider for the two-month project, which may be extended. The cowboy is equipped with both a horse and a four-wheeler and has a radio receiver to pick up signals from any of the three radio-collared wolves in the Imnaha pack. The wildlife agency is also sharing its wolf location information with him.

The agency is reimbursing the rancher nearly $5,000 for the range rider, who is also keeping an eye out on other ranchers' cattle grazing on public and private lands.

Dennehy says there have been six area cattle confirmed as wolf kills since spring, the most recent on June 4.

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