PORTLAND -- The covers and sheets on Kyron Horman's bed are still ruffled from the last time he slept at his mother's house in Medford; she can't bear to make the bed since the horrible day she learned that her sweet and timid young son had disappeared.

I still have his laundry laid out and his bed not made because I can't bring myself to make his bed. I like to see that it looks slept in, Desiree Young said in a statement sent to the media Monday.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman said he had family friends come over and they all played in Kyron's bedroom to fill it with love and happy noises... exactly as he would want if he would have been there with us.

Kaine said the room at his Portland home also remains unchanged for the most part, except for the gifts from other children waiting to be put in Kyron's arms on the day the family has been praying for - the day the smiling seven-year-old comes back to them.

We haven't been given any information by law enforcement to indicate he isn't still alive and therefore we will always expect that he will come home to us, Kyron and Desiree said in the prepared statement.

Kyron has been missing for more than a month now. This past holiday weekend, he was supposed to be on a special trip with Kaine in California; visiting friends, swimming, playing mini-golf, going to the water slides, and watching fireworks - some of his favorite ways to pass the time with dad.

But instead, Kaine, Desiree and her husband, Tony Young spent July 4th re-living special memories of past Independance Days.

Kyron doesn't like real loud noises and so he generally is kind of timid when it comes to celebrating the 4th of July, but the main thing that I missed was Kyron sitting on my lap for the entire show. I always tell him he is just making sure that I am not afraid, she said.

He likes the lights and colors but not the noises and will often sit and watch with his ears covered, Kaine added. Kyron enjoys the food and barbeque that we usually do and we usually play outside most of the day, which he loves to do.

Kaine's most vivid memory, which he hangs on to every day, was the last time he saw Kyron on the morning of June 4. His son was getting ready to go to a science fair at school and Kaine was preparing to leave for work.

I walked over to him, told him I was extremely proud of him for the effort he put into his red-eyed tree frog project, and for him to have a great and fun day at the science fair... and then I said, 'I love you.' He said, 'I love you too, Dad,' at which point we hugged, and then he went into the house as I got into the car and left, Kaine recalled.

While I have not seen him since, that moment in time is still etched in my mind as if it just happened and is a constant reminder of the joy of having him as a son.

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