PORTLAND, Ore. -- The biological parents of missing seven-year-old Kyron Horman spoke to KGW and NBC s Today Show Friday morning in their first one-on-one interview.

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Desiree Young said the last three weeks have been the worst hell a parent could ever feel, I can't even describe in words, how horrible it is. She spoke alongside her ex-husband Kaine Horman. The boy s two step-parents, Tony Young and Terri Horman were not present for the interview, a collective decision made by all four of the parents.

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There has been recent attention given to Kaine s wife, Terri, after detectives circulated a flier with photos of her and questions about her whereabouts on the day Kyron disappeared. But Kaine and Desiree said she was not taking part in the television interviews because they didn t want people to be distracted by attention on her. They declined to comment on the polygraph tests made public by a longtime friend.

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Our family is the only group of individuals that will speak on our behalf, Kaine Horman said.

Kaine said he wants everyone to continue to focus on Kyron and figuring out what happened to him.

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The interview revealed that Kaine Horman, Kyle's father, worked from home the afternoon Kyron disappeared. Kaine and his daughter went with stepmom Terri Horman to the bus stop that Friday afternoon to greet Kyron, only to discover he was not on the bus.

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When the driver told them Kyron wasn't on the bus, Kaine said his first reaction was that Kyron was still at school, waiting to be picked for an ice-cream outing to celebrate the science fair. As Kaine walked back to the house, he overheard the driver calling the school and learned that Kyron had not been at school. The couple immediately drove to the school, Kaine said.

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The pair said that the reason they have not given interviews before now was because they are shy and timid people.

They said they have been cooperating fully with police agreeing to hours of interviews and several searches at their home without search warrants.

KGW also asked if they know why police have been focusing on searching areas on and around Sauvie Island. The family said they believe investigators focused on the island because it was a favorite destination of Kyron s and a place they often went for family outings. Skyline school students also took field trips there.

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Kaine said the family refused to think the worst about Kyron s disappearance and wanted to keep positive thoughts in their head until the little boy comes home safe.

Some of the things, they can be bad . . . so we focus on the positive ones, said Kaine.

On Thursday, investigators released three home videos of Kyron, including one of him making a presentation to his class, in hopes that the videos will help locate Kyron. More: 3 home videos released


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