PORTLAND -- On late Tuesday afternoon Creston School principal Andy McKean was surveying the damage at his school. Sometime over the holiday weekend, burglars busted inside six different classrooms, all of which belonged to either kindergartners or first graders.

As you talk to the kids today they had that pained look on their face, we had bad guys in our classroom, said McKean.

The principal says the burglars got away with six computers and one projector. The equipment was worth about $7,000. It's not about the machine, said McKean. It's about the work the teachers put in to creating documents, templates, agendas, all types of things that they're going to have to recreate, he added.

According to investigators and school officials, thirteen schools, in three districts,have been burglarized since early December. The list of schools includes Cherry Park, Gilbert Park, Earl Boyles, Jason Lee, Harold Oliver Intermediate, Gilbert Heights, Lents, West Powellhurst, Clarendon-Portsmouth, Peninsula, Astor, Hauton B Lee, and Creston. The crooks bolted with dozens of computers and electronics. Pretty sad, said parent RickMolinar. Those people don't care about themselves, that's why they takefrom others, he added.Molinar went to Creston as a kid. His son, Tristin, is now a third generation student and he is upset about the missing computers. We just got those this year from the school house supplies and we usually use those for researching stuff, Tristin said.

Who is behind the senselesscrimes is any body's guess. Detectives are activelyworkingthe cases, but principal McKean is confident about one thing. It's somebody that's pretty desperate to do something like that, he added.

Investigators think some of theburglaries at thethirteen schools could be connected. If you knowanything about thecases you are urged to call the Portland Police Bureauimmediately.

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