PORTLAND, Ore. -- By week's end, a record shipment of H1N1 vaccine will arrive in Oregon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports it will send nearly 175,000 doses of swine flu vaccine to Oregon, with more than 75,000 doses earmarked for
the Portland metropolitan area.

Dr. Michael Young at Providence Immediate Care advises everyone should get the vaccine. He says while not all doctors' offices have it today, they will soon. He says keep calling your doctor's office, or ask for a referrence. He says you can also try calling local pharmacies or county health offices.

Demand for the H1N1 vaccine seems to be waning just as the CDC lifted restrictions on who can get it. It is now available for everyone who wants it.

At Urgent Care Northwest in Gresham Tuesday, a two-day swine flu clinic was sparsely attended. Just last month, long lines of people seeking the vaccine wrapped around the building.But Tuesday, just 21 people showed up for the vaccine in
three hours.

Sandra Rich, at Urgent Care Northwest, thinks people have grown complacent. We haven't been seeing as many reports on deaths so I think people are getting more relaxed. Her clinic continues Wednesday, December 16th, in both Gresham and Fairview. It's still important to get the vaccine.

The State Health Department reports the swine flu has killed 63 people in Oregon since September first.

The CDC warns we may see another wave of H1N1 outbreaks this winter and it urges all Americans to get the vaccine.


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