PORTLAND, Ore. -- If there is strength in numbers, Portland State University is very strong.

Monday it got to show off more muscle in the math department, all because of one student. Dr. Fariborz Maseeh went to PSU nearly 30 years ago. He was taught that success is a means to pay in forward.

Monday Dr. Maseeh gave $3.9 million to the Math and Statistics Department for Computational Scientists.

We want all the talent coming here to be educated and the Oregon talent to stay here as well , said Maseeh before a press conference on campus.

The donation will fund three additional faculty members. The donation will enable the school to select from the world's top computation scientists. It will also mean adding more graduate students to help with research.

For Portland State this donation comes at a time when the school is experience one of it's best enrollments, up 6 percent.

The school's President, Wim Wiewel is excited about the prospects this latest gift will do for the school.

It shows that people have faith in the future of Portland State University as a research university he said.

The main goal of the donation is to create the number one premiere math department in the country to compete with MIT and other schools, according to Dr. Maseeh.

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