Vancouver city leaders are considering a ban on plastic grocery bags, while Portland continues to consider imposing a fee.


Industry representatives and city leaders will lead a panel discussion on the proposal in a public forum Tuesday.

The panel discussion, titled "Thinking Beyond the Bag" is scheduled from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Vancouver City Hall.

Representatives from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Local Simplicity, Washington Food Industry, Fred Meyer, Moore Recycling Associates Inc., Plastics Recycling Corp. of California and State Rep. Dean Takko, (D-Longview) will be on the discussion panel.

The event is sponsored by the Vancouver Planning Commission and will be free to the public. The Vancouver City Hall is located at 210 E. 13th Street in Vancouver.

As for Portland, City Commissioner Sam Adams has said that he wants to have a fee in place before he takes over as mayor next year. But he has yet to decide how much to charge.

He urged the city council to vote for a fee ranging anywhere from a nickel to 20 cents per bag.


Only 52 percent of paper bags and 5 percent of plastic grocery bags given out in the United States are recycled, according to Stephanie Barger, executive director of the Earth Resources Foundation in Costa Mesa, Calif.

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