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PORTLAND, Ore. -- It's a common scene on the streets of Portland - recycling bins filled to the brim, residents helping make the old new once again. Some new blue bins are helping make it happen.

Allen Sands lives in Southeast Portland. He's impressed with the new 60-gallon roll cart that's the replacing the old yellow recycling bins.

He's had it for three or four months, and says it's great being able to toss everything all in one container.

"I do recycle more. And I've also noticedhow much waste there is to recycle," Sands said.

Portland's Office of Sustainable Development says that's exactly what they want to hear.

Since these bins are so much larger than the old containers, the city says it's easier for people to recycle more. They've definitely noticed an uptick citywide.

But the size of these bins that's so useful for some is an inconvenience for others.

Amy Bossard says she keeps the bins in her garage so her neighbors don't have to look at them.

"It's a storage compartment for us, but now look at how much space it takes up," says Bossard.

She and others say the new containers are just too big, and some say they're difficult to maneuver up and down hilly driveways.

Still, the city believes most people are excited about the new program. And for those that are having trouble, it says it's doing what it can.

"For the vast majority of customers -- we're thinking 95% plus -- this is a step forward and a winner. There are customers though, that it hasn't worked for, and we are trying to address that problem."

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