PORTLAND, Ore. -- The effort to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams faces an uphill slog.

Recall has ground to gain

Organizers have only gathered 4,000 signatures in their quest to unseat the mayor in the first month since they began the recall effort.

Recall Sam Adams organizer Jason Wurster has stated that the group's goal is to gather 50,000 signatures.

Wurster and recall supporters have two more months to complete the signature collection. He said Tuesday he was confident they would achieve that goal but it's far from a sure bet.

Wurster was scheduled to speak at the Portland Eastside Democratic Club on Tuesday but before he could state his case, members of the group objected, saying it was unfair that Mayor Adams was not present to defend himself.

Eventually, the group voted to allow Wurster to give a brief explanation of the recall.


"I know that this is a very, very contentious issue facing our city. One thing I need to stress is this is a positive campaign and hearing both sides of the story is very, very important to our democracy, and that's why I'm doing this recall," Wurster said.

"It's not about sex, it's about lies," he added.

Recall opponents think just the opposite.

They believe the recall is based on Adams' sexual affair with Beau Breedlove.

Wurster on Tuesday opened a recall office across from the Coliseum.

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