PORTLAND It s garage sale season and experts have tips on how to make the most money.

First off, they say if you can connect your sale to someone else s, that always helps. Either team up with neighbors or find a partner and hold the sale on the busiest street.

Another good tip is to feature a few big-ticket items like old furniture or electronics. This will likely lure more buyers to your event.

A theme can help, too. One guy held a Geek Garage Sale with computers, comic books and games and snagged $2,000 in just two days. Another set up a rope and a sign saying when the sale would open in order to build up anticipation.

Social media is a great tool to get the word out. Use Facebook and Twitter and sites like Craigslist to promote your event. Also, when you post signs, keep them simple. One recommendation is to just simply write the word sale with an arrow pointing the way.

Have a pricing strategy. The experts said it helps to check eBay to see what similar items actually sell for. Another option is not to put a price tag on anything and let people make you offers, then haggle if needed.

The final tip: Keep you and your money safe. Thieves may be lurking at your garage sale, so it s good advice to lock the doors into your home and guard your cash closely.

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