SALEM -- A Salem man who repeatedly test drove a black SUV from a local car lot was using the vehicle to pose as a deputy, police said.

Anthony McGuire, 40, went into Good Fellows Auto Sales, at 218 Lancaster Drive NE, three days in a row and told the employees inside he was a sheriff's deputy, said Sgt. Chris Baldridge of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Each time, McGuire took a black Chevrolet Tahoe for a test drive, Baldridge said. On the third day, employees decided to tag along on the drive.

During that trip, McGuire began yelling at a motorcycle to pull over, Baldridge said. The motorcyclist pulled over and Mr. McGuire told the rider he was a deputy and he was stopping him for speeding.

The employees called actual deputies, who arrested McGuire. He was jailed on one count of impersonating a deputy.

But investigators think McGuire might have pulled over more people. Antone who might have been a victim was asked to call the Marion County Sheriff's Office at 503-588-5032.

Please remember that deputies and police officers acting in their capacity will always carry official identification, to include a badge, Baldridge said. If you ever have questions about a police officer or deputy's identity, please call your local law enforcement or 911.

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