PORTLAND Two car prowl suspects were caught on camera riding stolen bicycles Wednesday morning and neighbors were hoping the photos may help catch the thieves.

Early Wednesday morning, three bikes were taken from a home and several cars were broken into around Southeast 36th Avenue and Henry Street, according to Sgt. Pete Simpson of the Portland police.

Marcia Michaels was one of the victims. She was woken up Wednesday morning by a phone call warning her that something had set off her silent alarm. She peeked out front and noticed that her gate was open and someone had stolen several items from her garage, including her bike.

She wasn't the only one. About half a dozen people were burglarized in the neighborhood around 6 a.m.

A neighbor who was awake snapped photos of two suspects riding away on some of the stolen bikes.

They appeared to both be white men wearing low-hanging shorts, tall socks and gray hoodies. One of them also had a baseball cap on his head.

Detectives said they don t believe the thefts were related to the recent tire puncture incidents in Woodstock.

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Anyone with information about the incidents or suspects was asked to call Detective Chris Brace at 503-823-0541.

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