PORTLAND -- Do you live a zen life in Portland or are you about to blow a fuse?

Despite its laid-back reputation, Portland is ranked smack in the middle of the most stressful cities in the US, according to CNNMoney.

The Rose City ranked 28th out of 55 cities on a scale of most stressful to least.

The city most likely to raise your blood pressure wasn t surprising New York's long work hours, commutes, and housing costs as high as its skyscrapers all contributed to the Big Apple s stressors.

Detroit, with its high crime, unemployment rate and impending bankruptcy, ranked number 2.

Rounding out the top 5 were Los Angeles, Riverside and Houston.

On the other end of the stress spectrum, Salt Lake City ranked the most calming, due to its low cost of living, low unemployment and short commutes.

Rochester, NY and Raleigh, NC were nearly as peaceful, thanks to cheap housing and shorter work hours.

Portland, at 28th, got high marks for healthy lifestyles but was docked points for heavy traffic.

A little farther north, Seattle although expensive and full of gridlock -- has plenty of jobs, which put it at number 42.

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