PORTLAND- Pressure from neighbors led to the sale of a historic home in Northwest Portland that otherwise would have been demolished.

Neighbors on NW 32nd Street joined together to save a 122-year-old home from being turned into an ultra modern, nearly 6000-square-foot home for a Google executive and his family.

Google executive Kevin Rose bought the home for $1.3 million, cash. The original plan was to do a major renovation. But, it proved cost prohibitive. Then, Rose decided to tear down the home built in 1892 and start over.

The fencing went up and deconstruction was slated to being Wednesday.

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But, after neighborhood uproar, Rose said he was willing to sell the home to neighbor Tom Saunders. He will resell it to someone who promises not to tear down the historic home. Saunders also plans to build another home in the lot next door.

The news was a relief to many neighbors.

The city rubber stamped a demolition without really looking at the design, said Nora Lehnhoff. She's been a resident on NW 32nd Street for 37 years.

Some neighbors had told KGW that if Rose had gone through with the demolition, he would not be welcomed into the neighborhood.

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