TROUTDALE, Ore. -- If you look very closely, you just might find one on a window sill or park bench. They're called love rocks and they've been put all around the Reynolds High School campus.

They're small rocks with a little fabric heart glued to them.

Because we have suffered a similar tragedy, you know, it's different but the same. It's a tragedy, said Susan Dieter-Robinson.

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Susan Dieter-Robinson knows about tragedy.

Her two daughters Abigail Robinson, 11 and Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6 were killed in a hit and run in October while they were playing in a pile of leaves in front of their Forest Grove home.

The rocks were something that the Dieter-Robinson's girls used to love to make.

They actually made them for our wedding and so that's why they have this very special meaning, said Dieter-Robinson.

After she heard about the Reynolds High School shooting last week, Dieter-Robinson and her husband Tom decided to spend Father's Day leaving the love rocks around Troutdale.

We took tons, I mean people from all over Forest Grove were making them, said Dieter-Robinson.

The group brought buckets full. They put them in window sills, dropped them at truck stops, the Troutdale Police station and of course, all over the Reynolds High School campus.

You're hiding them without anybody knowing and that's the cool part. You know? It's fun, said Dieter-Robinson.

And the idea has caught on.

People across the country have contacted Dieter-Robinson to let her know they too are making love rocks.

It's beyond celebrating Anna and Abigail. It's celebrating and sharing love with anybody who needs it, said family friend Gary Myers.

And, it helps Dieter-Robinson heal by spreading the love she said her daughters gave her everyday.

This is hard, too but it's a little different, said Dieter-Robinson. It felt really good to be able to say 'I understand. I understand how you're feeling and here's some love and joy.

After Troutdale, Susan and Tom went to West Linn where two teenagers died in a car crash last Sunday.

They left hundreds of love rocks in West Linn as well.

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