PORTLAND -- Eight malamutes have been found wandering near Forest Park in recent months, some killing livestock and eating dog food, and animal services officials want to know where they came from.

We've got a genuine malamute mystery on our hands and hope somebody in the public might have some information to help us solve it, said Multnomah County Animal Services director Mike Oswald.

The first two dogs were found March 21 on Northwest Thompson Road. One has since been adopted and the other is in an adoption placement center.

Then on March 25, four malamutes killed a nearby resident's goat. The owner of the goat shot and killed two of the dogs and the other two ran off, Oswald said.

Another stray was picked up in the area on March 30.

On Wednesday, a man who lives off of Skyline Boulevard said he found one of his chickens dead.

This morning, I came down and saw the malamute pushing on the fence, said the resident, Eddie. He couldn't confirm if the malamute killed the chicken, but animal control officers set a humane trap for the dog.

An eighth malamute was trapped after homeowner Travis Rigby found it hanging around his yard.

Rigby said, at first, he thought it was a coyote or wolf. But he found the dog was friendly.

We wanted to play with the other dogs. He was friendly, Rigby said. I think he was clearly young, had not been trained, never been leash trained. We couldn't see a collar or any identifying marks. We couldn't get a hold of him to chip him.

That dog was neutered Tuesday and was recovering.

An animal services officer confirmed the two dogs that ran away after killing the goat were not the same two found later.

Malamutes are a somewhat unusual breed and it's really odd to have so many unclaimed dogs from the same area, Oswald said.

The stray dogs have generally been thin or emaciated.

Anyone who sees other stray malamutes or sledding-type dogs, or knows a breeder or owner of such dogs, was asked to call Animal Services field supervisor Michelle Luckey at 503-988-6238.

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Chris Willis contributed to this report

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