SANDY, Ore. -- Nine people were displaced after a Sandy boarding house caught fire early Wednesday morning. One man,who did not want to leave the building, was wrestled out of the home by a passing sheriff's deputy.

At around 6:50 a.m. Wednesday, a fire broke out in the basement of a two-story farm house in the 38700 block of Pioneer Boulevard, according to Sandy Fire Department Deputy Chief Bill Schneider.

The building, used as a boarding house, was almost directly across the street from the fire station, Schneider said.

Schneider saw the fire, got in his truck and drove down the street.

Before Schneider arrived, a Clackamas County Sheriff s deputy had stopped at the scene and was assisting people out of the building.

Deputy Dustin Cochran went into the smoldering building to rescue the man who was unaware of the fire.

I don't think I'm a hero, said Cochran. I think anyone in my department would've done the same thing.

The man, 76-year-old Robert Sousa, was reluctant to leave and Cochran had to grab him and pull him from the building, Thompson said.

Schneider and fire crews arrived shortly afterward and were able to quickly put out the fire. Crews believe the blaze was started by an overloaded electrical circuit in a storage area, Schneider said.

Nine people were displaced from their homes with no fatalities or injuries.

It's a good ending to a situation that could've gone bad.

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