GASTON, Ore. -- You can now tour Oregon's wine country without using a drop of gas.

That's because Oregon's wine industry is going electric.

Up until recently, a trip through remote wine country in an electric vehicle was a little risky.

You never knew exactly where that next charging station was or if you would be able to make it there.

Now, you don't have to worry.

Several wineries have teamed up to offer electric vehicle users an easy way to take a wine tasting trip.

They've mapped out an electric tour that specifically takes you to wineries that have free charging stations.

To kick off the Plug and Pinot event, former Portland Trailblazer Jerome Kersey and his wife Teri took an electric tour.

They stopped first at Elk Cove Vineyards in Gaston.

There, Kersey admitted, it was his first ever trip in an electric car.

The thing was, at the beginning, it s like, how far can I go where I can get back and get back to a charging station. Now, you have charging stations everywhere, he said.

There are four wineries and one restaurant along the tour.

This Saturday, they'll be holding a special Plug and Pinot event where visitors can test drive different electric cars at each of the wineries.

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