PORTLAND -- It's the time of the year music lovers in Portland have been waiting for. The summer concert season is right around the corner and Music Millennium s Terry Currier can t wait.

I've already marked my calendar, there's so many shows I want to see this summer, said Currier. The Zoo series has been announced, the Edgefield concerts have been announced... Mary Hill winery. It's going to be a great summer.

And with so many shows, tickets will be a hot commodity. And the scammers know it. Fraud and security experts say scammers are taking full advantage of people wanting to see a show with a record number of counterfeited tickets.

Molly O Hearn is the VP of Operations at iovation, one of the largest anti-fraud companies in the world.

The old scalping tickets when you show up at the venue, easy pickins.. but now it s gone global and you just really need to be careful. said O Hearn.

She said nearly five million people bought bogus tickets last year and her company is working with legitimate ticket sellers to stop ticket fraud before you get taken to the cleaners.

Currier, who s been in business at Music Millennium for decades said he s seen it before.

A certain amount of people will make multiple photocopies of a printed ticket from home and you could be in good trouble when you get to the door they're not going to let you in, said Currier.

Your best defense is to know the source you re buying from. There are many legitimate ticket brokers and if you re not sure when it comes to handing over your money, O Hearn adds, At least use a credit card, use PayPal, something where you can then have a defense and charge back if it turns out not to be legitimate.

But with the busy summer concert season about to open, experts say the best advice is to be aware of who you re buying tickets from.

Online sites like Ticketmaster, Tickets West or Stub Hub are legitimate and often have their own security and fraud-prevention teams to make sure your purchase is secure.

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