PORTLAND-- The Portland Trail Blazers are back in the post-season and face the Rockets in Game 1 Sunday night in Houston.

KGW s Houston sister station KHOU has already started talking trash about the Blazers (see video above), so the KGW Sunrise team decided to make a bet.

If the Rockets win, Russ, Brenda and Nick have agreed to wear cowboy hats the next day to honor the victory (see video below).

But if the Blazers win, Ron Lilly and the KHOUHouston news team will have to wear wear hipster mustaches and flannel shirts (the official wardrobe of The Dream of the 90 s) to honor Rip City.

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Join the 'Social Competition' with Houston:

Who's got the best fans? Share your selfie in Blazers gear with the hashtag #PDXBestFans. Houston fans are posting using #HOUBestFans.

Photos: #PDXBestFans

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